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A startpage, quite simple

zenstart is an easy gateway to the Internet – an excellent complement to your bookmarks.

The links you find on zenstart are from US statistics on Internet use. It is the most popular links you find on zenstart. At the same time, zenstart is configurable. If you hold your mouse over a link, two icons appear. The first icon moves a link to the top of the category and the other to the bottom of the category. You may want to move he links you use most frequently, to the top of the list. The links you don’t use, you can move to the bottom, leaving space for new links.

In each category, it is possible to scroll. If you use a mouse with scroll wheel, you can place the cursor over a category and scroll up or down with the wheel. Alternatively, there are at the bottom of each category, two arrows to scroll up and down respectively.

zenstart will be continually improved and more features will be added. Therefore, feedback of any kind is welcome.

Enjoy a zenstart…


Q: I am surprised at the location of some links …?
A: Some links could rightly appear in several categories. We have chosen to take only those links at once. The design is kept rigorous: Six categories a given link must be placed inside.

Q: Some of the links I do not need, can I remove them?
A: It is not possible to remove the links completely, but you can move a link to the bottom of a list: hold your mouse over the link and click on the icon with an arrow pointing down.

Q: Why are there annoying commercials on the right hand side?
A: zenstart is free. It is advertising, that finances the development, operation and future enhancements of the page. Many users find the advertising useful.

Q: Is it possible to add own links?
A: Not at this time, but it would be in a future release. In the meantime, you can suggest links here:

Make zenstart your startpage

How you make zenstart your startpage depends on your browser version.

Do you have a new version of Internet Explorer, click on the small arrow next to the icon with the little house at the toolbar and select “Set as startpage”.

Alternatively you can in the menu bar of most browsers click on:

• Features
• Internet Options and
• Use current page (use current page).

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